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CSR for Parasport

From personal social responsibility to supporting para athletes: the power of solidarity and inspiring achievements

Individual social responsibility

Social responsibility is a very wide concept. It starts with us individuals, with personal responsibility. It is the tendency of every individual to act responsibly, being aware of one’s influence on broader society and environment in which we live. A socially responsible individual chooses actions that contribute to common good and include compassion, respect, selfless assistance, equality and sustainability. Individual social responsibility shows through in every-day activities connected to current state of affairs and issues like energy efficiency, climate change, environmental factors, natural disasters, migrations. It starts in one’s inner family circle and builds on that in interactions with friends and colleagues. The individual’s actions seep into their broader social environment when the individual becomes a part of a community and a social or professional environment as a member of various societies, as well as a consumer who champions buying from socially responsible producers. Socially responsible individuals are crucial for establishing socially responsible organizations.

Social responsibility of an organization

Socially responsible organizations realize that they are a part of the broader society and that their actions can have a positive effect on the society, communities and environment. Such an organization aims not only at reaching its economic goals and making profit. One of the key social responsibilities of an organization is caring for its employees, as it should want for motivated and content workers, realizing the benefits of having such employees: better productivity and innovative thought, lower fluctuation, a stimulating environment for better personnel.

Socially responsible organizations also seek cooperation with different third parties like business partners, consumers, stock-holders, local communities, non-governmental organizations, vulnerable groups etc. and offer them assistance in problem-solution and sharing information. Their goal is to form a better society, have sustainable development as well as care for putting less strain on the environment and use natural resources more sustainably, thus contributing to preserving the nature. Such actions contribute to resolving social issues and higher quality of living in the society. Striving to achieve these goals also leads the organization to a more stable business model, being more competitive in the market and having a better reputation, as well as to better profits.

High angle view of coach and male wheelchair basketball players gesturing team unity.

Social responsibility of organizations in the form of supporting para sports

More and more recognition is given to organizations that not only follow their economic goals but also act socially responsibly towards communities they are a part of. By acting socially responsibly, organizations can contribute to solving social issues, supporting equality and improving the quality of living in the community. One significant aspect of social responsibility is supporting para athletes, which brings about numerous positive results.

It could be said that sport knows no limits. The power of sports can be observed in inspiring achievements regardless of an individual’s physical limitations. With their dedication and relentless, para athletes overcome obstacles and reach unimaginable successes. Socially responsible organizations can support para athletes financially, creating opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities. Such support can also serve as a show of solidarity and a sign of equality awareness and an acknowledgement that everyone deserves a chance to participate in sports. Para sport also plays an important role in creating awareness about different types of disabilities and encouraging acceptance of diversity in society.

The organizations that decide to support para athletes do not only contribute to progress in society but also to their business success. Participating in such projects raises the company’s recognition and respect since positive values the organization represents transfer to their products, services and employees. Such a company can also attract and keep high-quality personnel since people wish to work for a socially responsible organization.

Becoming a socially responsible organization that supports para sport brings about many positive effects for the companies as well as for the society as a whole. This form of social responsibility supports equal opportunities in sport and spreads positive values, contributing to social progress and development. Para athletes are role models for hard work and persistence, whose recognition and achievements motivate broader society to overcome obstacles and build a better future for us all.

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