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CSR for Parasport

Concept and methodology

During the beginning of the project, the project team will be assembled, and project meetings will be organized. On the project meetings  Transnational Project Meetings – TPMS) it will be discussed the progress of the activities and the plan for the next period, while managing risks. The project team will be organised in a way that the partner takes over the Working Package (WP) for which it has the most experience. Each WP leader will form a team and a sub-team that will oversee implementing the agreed project items and report to the Project Coordinator. The project is set up so that the results are realized sequentially, i.e., they come one after another. An important aspect is to follow the planned project implementations according to the made and agreed WPs.

WP1 is a horizontal activity that involves the coordination, financial and communication management, quality assurance and evaluation, and risk management of the project at all levels in order to achieve project objectives, realize project activities on time, and ensure successful completion of the project.

In WP2 research will be carried out in Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia in order to build knowledge and understanding of corporate  investments and fund-raising activities into sports for children and people with disabilities with recommendations of good practices to be included or adapted in project results. The research will also answer the questions on how organizational governance influences SR and vice versa, and how SR is communicated within sports organizations. After completion of the research, reports will be made with the results in the project countries. Transfer of reports and results to countries not involved in the project will be promoted, thus making impact as wide as possible beyond project partnership.

WP3 will focus on the development of Digital Guideline with videos of good practice and educational material for the educational workshops “Train the trainer” (TtT) and “Train the end-user”.

The objectives of WP3 are developing materials necessary for raising the competencies of the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) staff (trainers) – minimum 12 (for each project partners country 3), staff of the national Paralympic sport federations with increased capacities – minimum 40 per project country, staff of sport clubs with increased capacities – minimum 160.

The objectives of WP4 are to organize and conduct “TtT” training program in order to increase trainers ’competencies and get feedback from training participants in order to improve “TtT” training materials. The next goal is to organize and conduct “Train the end-users” training program in order to increase end users’ competencies and get feedback from training participants and to improve “Train the end-user” training materials. It is also important to prepare evaluation form (s), collecting feedback from each training sessions, analysing feedback and recommending improvement of training materials and sharing this feedback with the WP3 team. In order to make the project visible, inform and promote participation, dissemination and mainstreaming of its outputs and results, as well as promote CSR policies, sport for people with disabilities, NPCs, several dissemination and exploitation events, material and tools are planned under WP5. In the process of dissemination, we go through two approaches: conducting digital dissemination (digital leaflets, e-banners, posts on social media) and organizing Multiplier Sport Events (in Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia).

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