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CSR for Parasport

Project summary

Consortium identified several needs regarding the economic and social status of athletes with disabilities and Sport organisations for People with Disabilities (SOPD) in partner countries: financial support of parasport from the state and long-term support from business sector, more sport programs for people with disabilities (PWD) and more educated trainers in the field of sport for PWD, more children and youth athletes in parasport, equal access for children with disabilities to participate in play, recreation and school system, better media coverage of parasport, more physically active PWD; better equipment, infrastructure and infrastructural access to sporting venues for PWD.

Project results are:
a) Research of fund-raising activities into SOPD with recommendations of good practices,
b) Educational materials “Train the trainer” and “Train the end users”,
c) Guidelines for funding SOPD and e) Piloting and Evaluation of educational materials.

Project results will increase the competences and capacity of SOPD through good governance  with special focus on fundraising activities by building bridge for long lasting partnership towards CSR companies. A long-term benefit for National Paralympic Committees (NPC) can be the creation of long-term partnership in which companies will be more inclusive in their CSR policies (eg: employment of athletes with disabilities, opportunities to finance sports for young people with disabilities etc.). By attracting more resources in SOPD from CSR companies, greater involvement in sports will be achieved, which will result in better sport results. Better results will attract even greater investments and contribute to long-term partnerships. Even though the core activities of the project will be implemented in 4 countries, because of the wide impact of partnering NPC, dissemination strategy has been designed not for promoting project in only 4 countries, but to transfer its results at EU level, thus enabling impact as wide as possible.

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